Beginners, You can explore Guide to EMT Training, Certification and Salary


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Fire Science Degree Schools is an online educational website specifically developed for EMT and Fire Science students to meet their Educational and Career aspirations. The valuable resources on our website will definitely assist Emergency Technicians in meeting their career goals. EMTs have important roles to play when there are fires, accidents, and other emergency incidents.

EMTs and Paramedics are qualified to provide immediate on-the-scene and ambulance care and treatment to injured victims. We have included here valuable and complete information on steps to become an EMT including duration to become an Emergency Technician and Paramedics, necessary Training and Certification Requirements, the EMT Basic Training Cost in the University, Technical, and Community Colleges, and additional costs for the Books, Health Testing, CPR Certification, and EMT recertification cost ( varies from state to state).

Passing the Exam and earning a Certification are important steps for job opportunities. The detailed information on the Certification exam given here will greatly help aspiring students preparing for the EMT exam for a Certification. They will also gain knowledge of Recertification by exam and Continuing Education.

If you are already certified and working as an Emergency Technician, you must visit our online site to find about the Lapsed Certification and ways to regain Certification, “Inactive” or “Active” status of Certification, and how to return to the Active status.

Finally, your Career aspirations will be incomplete if you do not have enough knowledge about the Salary as an EMT and Paramedic. The online information given by us will not only tell you about the latest salary figures for EMTs but will also guide you in knowing about the necessary EMT skills you should possess and your Job descriptions as an EMT.