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  1. Idontevenknow

    Emt partner

    I just started working for this 911 company. about a month ago I started on the field with my partner. One my first day I met him and I told him this my first day off training and his facial expression changed in a bad way made me feel discouraged. He is a nice quiet younger guy but sometimes he...
  2. Kharij

    EMT questions

    Hi, I'm Damani, a college student who plans to become an EMT over the summer. I'm taking a class that requires me to interview someone in the profession. Finding an EMT in the wild is challenging, so this forum seems like a good place to ask questions. I have attached a series of questions, and...
  3. I

    From zero to hero

    Hello there! Hello, I'm 24 years old, 7 years after graduating secondary school with a passed A-level exam. I would like to study EMT to then become a paramedic and being one of u. I'm looking for some information(A LOT ) on a lot of services "how to get to this kind of studies on the University...
  4. topemttraining

    Beginners, You can explore Guide to EMT Training, Certification and Salary

    Fire Science Degree Schools is an online educational website specifically developed for EMT and Fire Science students to meet their Educational and Career aspirations. The valuable resources on our website will definitely assist Emergency Technicians in meeting their career goals. EMTs have...