1. R

    Volunteer Interview

    I have a volunteer EMT interview with a very busy, urban EMS agency next week. I was told the interview will be a panel of 4 people and the questions will not be clinical. What questions were you asked and what advice do you have? To give you a better idea of who I am as a candidate: I have a...
  2. S

    Tips for a recently certified EMT-B

    I just became nationally certified a few days ago and am planning to begin as a volunteer soon, are there any experienced EMTs/Paramedics that wouldn't mind sharing some important and helpful suggestions?
  3. J

    Forrest Hills Vollie (NYC)

    has anyone here been a member of FHVAC? if so, how was it? what was the call volume like? can you tell me a bit about working at the agency in general? thank you.
  4. R

    Volunteering with a 9-5

    I have signed up for EMT-B school for this upcoming semester. I am currently a full time employee at a multi-national technology corporation with a typical, predictable work week. I have been observing with my local ambulance service on the weekends and I decided to take the plunge and volunteer...
  5. A

    Grand Rapids, MI Volunteer EMS/EMT Positions

    Do you know of any volunteer EMS / EMT positions in Grand Rapids, MI area?
  6. MMM Medic11

    Mixed agency

    So one of the two towns we service just informed us that they want us to have a crew at the building 24/7 365. They said they don't care if they are paid or volunteers but they want us to assure them that we will have an ambulance out with a response time under 10 minutes. Right now we take...
  7. med12

    SoCal volunteer Firefighter

    Hey guys! Just wanted to know if anybody knew about any departments that are actively looking for volunteer firefighters in southern california. Thank you for any help!