1. K

    NZ to US medic

    Hi all, My partner is looking to move from NZ to the US for a job opportunity. I am an EMT from NZ who is interested in continuing my education and career over in the US. It is difficult to find information regarding the process of transferring, employment, studies and recognition of prior...
  2. C

    NREMT-P APP and Websites?????

    Hello everyone. From what I am reading, JB Learning and Limmer Education’s Paramedic Pass seem to be what everyone is using and being successful. Is there any other Apps or websites that are good? What about Kaplan? Thanks everyone!!!!!
  3. S

    EMT School

    Not sure if anyone here can help me, but I truly don't know what else to do. I have been in classes to become an EMT for about 2 months. I still don't understand any of it. Everyone in my class is failing, and I'm not sure what to do. My instructor has not been any help and doesn't see any...
  4. DrWeaver3

    Global Comparative Survey - PHEM Analgesia

    Hello All! My name is Klara Weaver, I’m a doctor in the NHS in the UK. I am running a global comparative survey of pre-hospital analgesics carried by EMTs, paramedics and pre-hospital doctors. It aims to look at what EMS services carry in their ambulances, analgesia protocols and protocol...
  5. J

    What to study for the NREMT Written???

    Hi All, I have just finished my NREMT Skills and I am now ready to take the NREMT Written exam. I am super nervous because I cannot seem to figure out what to study or how to prepare for the exam. What should I use to study for this exam??? Regards Jester
  6. Helenwhamond

    Help please

    Hi i want to study in New York for EMT, so you know somewhere I can go? I'm Argentinian