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    MCI Triage Scenario

    Found this on reddit and thought it was a good scenario to post here. Scenario: Active shooting with at least 12 victims. Youngest injured victim is 15 years old, rest are all above age 20. Nearest peds trauma center is 20 miles away. Nearest level I trauma center is 30 miles in the other...
  2. B

    Chest Pain Case

    You are dispatched to a residence for a 31 year old male with chest pain. Upon arriving, your patient, whom reports no significant past medical history, presents with with complaints of acute upper abdominal heaviness and chest pain of 2 hours’ duration. He reports he was drinking that night...
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    Possible Seizure

    You're dispatched to assist law enforcement at the side of a state highway. You arrive in a one-man rapid response vehicle (ALS) to find a woman with her hands cuffed behind her back laying on her left side at the side of the road. She appears to be convulsing. Three police officers are standing...
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    EMT-b Scenarios for training purposes

    Hey, I am trying to set up some weekend training for a group that are about to test, and I don't have the time to create fleshed out scenarios wholecloth right now, is there a good source of full scenarios online? Budget is $0 from my department for this right now. It is for the NREMT-b, looking...