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    Paramedic - South Carolina Midlands

    Newberry County EMS is a progressive hospital-based EMS service located 45 miles northwest of Columbia, SC. We serve a population of 40,000 people in a 600 square mile area that is predominantly rural. NCEMS responds to 6000 calls annually. We have an immediate opening for a night time 12 hour...
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    Personalized Paramedic, EMT Brushed Aluminum Station Prints

    Unique EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE prints on aluminum panel with a high gloss finish and a luminous quality. Metal printing is just that – printing on Metal. We use a special high heat sublimation process to create durable images on aluminum panels that are ready to display or hang. The...
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    PERCOM – AWFUL PEOPLE (certainly the owners anyway). I wholeheartedly agree with all of the terrible feedback PERCOM is getting on various forums and feel sorry for others in the same boat – DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND ANOTHER COURSE. I work outside the US and agreed to take the course based on...