nremt paramedic practical

  1. Bent Halligan

    The New NREMT-P Practical Assessment.

    Im about to take the new practical assessment that started this year, January. I finished medic school last year, when they weren't teaching for the integrated out of hospital scenario. Im concerned that since you only have one scenario now, that its going to be some crazy combination of all the...
  2. C

    Paramedic Psychomotor Exam

    So I took my third attempt at passing my psychomotor exam yesterday, and failed. Now I have to take remediation and try at all 12 skills. And the worst part is, I failed the basic skill, 3 times... it was one of the first skills I did on my initial test and I threw it off as nervousness, and...
  3. Lopester

    NREMT fail

    So as I've posted before I am a former (non nationally registered) medic trying to return to the field after a change of state. I tried to get nationally registered in 2013 and failed 2 or the 12 stations twice (static cardio and a medical verbal practical) I was extremely dejected and I've...