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    Seeking Recommendations for Temperature-Controlled Medication Storage in Ambulance Services

    Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I work in an ambulance service and we are currently exploring better ways to store our medications at appropriate temperatures, both in hot and cold weather conditions. I was wondering if any of you have experience or suggestions regarding...
  2. Paramedic Resource

    Metoprolol Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    It`s been awhile, went back to school recently and time has been limited to work on side projects. How`d I do? Anything on Metoprolol that I missed? Anything you disagree with? Anything you would have added? Let me know Cheers!
  3. Paramedic Resource

    Metaclopramide - FOAMed Video

    Hello EMTlife, What do you think of this coverage of Metaclopramide Pharmacology? Anything in the video you were taught differently? Let me know
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    medication question for newbie

    I just applied for and got a job offer with AMR!! this is really my last opportunity to not end up broke and working at mcdonalds. i'm so happy and excited. I have not yet started the pre-employment process. I take 2 medications that might dq me. adderall and valium. (the valium is an as needed...