1. CTowne19

    Job hunting (Georgia)

    Hello all! Just graduated as a EMT-B and received my state license (Ew, a basic newbie!). I've been looking for employment here in the South GA area and haven't found much more that 3 different EMS services. Two of them, however, are not currently hiring. How do I go about finding other services...
  2. R

    Rescue One Ambulance

    Rescue One Ambulance located in Paramount, CA is currently hiring full time and part time EMT drivers. We are looking to fill positions immediately! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested, please email our office manager at jaxb.roa@gmail.com for more details.
  3. beaucait

    Job Interviews

    I just got called about a Job interview! For an Ambulance service, what were some of the questions that were asked that seemed to be specific to EMS and the medical field? Were you ultimately hired? Were there any classes you had to take within a certain time of employment? I am curious to...