1. S

    Potential media ride-along / special

    Hi, In addition to being an EMT I am a producer for Fox. In September, our streaming platform "Fox Nation" will be airing a series of projects focused on First Responders. We're looking for 2 things: 1) A relatively busy agency that will allow us to "ride along" for some shifts and produce a...
  2. R

    Becoming a tactical/SWAT medic

    Hello. I'm getting close to testing for my Paramedic certification and am planning on moving into the Ozarks area within the year. My goal is to become a full-time firefighter paramedic and gain some experience and work towards eventually becoming a tactical/SWAT medic, either full-time or in...
  3. keeaston

    Fire Academy Opinions

    I know there are a lot of fire/paramedics out there, but I wanted an opinion on fire academies. I'm planning on going through one after medic class, but I'm worried about my size being a disadvantage. I'm petite, 120lbs, 5'5". I ran cross country and track in high school, but I have heard...
  4. A

    "Fresh out of EMT school" Tips and tricks for the new EMT

    Hello everybody!! My name is Albert Reyes and I am an EMT here in the city of San Jose, Ca for the past 16 years with seven of those being an FTO. I have a passion to help new EMTs when transitioning into their first day in EMS. Because of this passion I have recently published a book called "...
  5. BStinn007

    Transitioning to civilian medical career (USMC)

    Hello, My name is Brandon. I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 and am now 22 and living in Hazel Green, WI. I have no college education for Emergency Medical Services however while I was in the Marine Corps, much like every other Marine, I was certified in CLS/TCCC/TCEC (Combat Life...
  6. L

    Is it true that most firefighters hate running EMS calls?

    Most of the fire departments around here are separate entities from the EMS departments, versus in other places I have lived prior, the EMS was fire based. Here, most of the transport-based EMS is county government (third service) or private in other counties. However, some of the volunteer...
  7. E

    Career ladder options

    I basically am stuck between wanting to go nursing (clinic) route or firefighting (field) EMS. I am going to complete an EMT program here upcoming in January 2017 and plan to work as an emt, see if I am capable (burnout, stress, etc.) and get my paramedic. So opinions on what route might be...
  8. med12

    SoCal volunteer Firefighter

    Hey guys! Just wanted to know if anybody knew about any departments that are actively looking for volunteer firefighters in southern california. Thank you for any help!
  9. C

    emt in need of advice from all around the U.S

    hey everyone, first off if you reply to this with general knowledge of your area/city it means a lot and thank you... okay so i am a emt-b in california. min wage $10 i run 911... i am in medic school now but do not want to be a medic in california whatsoever. i am not educated on any other...
  10. A


    Im gonna be certified in EMR in March 2016 and I was wondering how, if I could, would I do a ride along with a firefighter, like what would I do to be able to do it? (Also if age matters I'm 16).
  11. Sootyboots

    NOLS WEMT For a Wildland Firefighter?

    I searched the forums and I didn't really find anything that helped answer some questions I have(First post here! Hello folks, how is everybody?) In a (failing?) attempt to be concise here's some bullet points on why I think NOLS's WEMT course would be good for me, and I'm looking for someone...