1. EpiEMS

    ETOH, Intoxication, and Capacity to Refuse

    On a recent call, I had a (calm) disagreement with my partner - an early 30s female patient in custody s/p MVC (no trauma center criteria) wanted to refuse care (and law enforcement was OK with this). I was happy to oblige, given the clinical presentation: Alert and oriented (person...
  2. R

    ETOH College Student Vs College Policy Vs State Law

    Let me first start this post by saying, when someone is intoxicated how do we know if they are mentally capable of understanding a situation when alcohol consumption is different for every human being? We have a college campus in town (catholic private school) who has a policy on campus that...
  3. D

    Intoxication at Home, AMS?

    I work for a 20 some unit private ambulance company running 911's and some private-line transports returning from ER visits and such. I also work nights in a college city in PA. Dispatched for the possible alcohol poisoning, AOS to find male standing upright by own power, CAOx4 with a GCS of...