emt course

  1. N

    How hard is EMT course.

    I know It's a very common question. But really, how difficult is it for the average person in terms of studying, memorization, knowledge, and workload. Any details would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I

    From zero to hero

    Hello there! Hello, I'm 24 years old, 7 years after graduating secondary school with a passed A-level exam. I would like to study EMT to then become a paramedic and being one of u. I'm looking for some information(A LOT ) on a lot of services "how to get to this kind of studies on the University...
  3. X

    Maryland Recipocity

    Just moved to Maryland and I'm looking figure out where to take the skills class they talk about on MIEMSS site. I am not affiliated with a station at this time. Any help would be great appreciated. I looked on the MFRI site but couldn't find a skills course. Thanks X
  4. Mel319

    EMT academy VS community college

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get some input on how you trained to become an EMT and what your thoughts are on going to a specialty acaedemy like Arizona Academy of Emergency Services versus a community college that offers EMT courses? I live in Arizona and have found at least 5 different places...
  5. Ziiiiziiii

    EMT program preparation @Kapiolani Community College

    Hey! Student at Kapiolani Community College, Oahu, HI. I want to get into the Fall 2017 EMT Program which only has 16 seats per semester here and I'm currently doing the pre-reqs. I want to have some type of knowledge before getting accepted (hopefully). Any tips or what to study or anything? It...
  6. A

    "Fresh out of EMT school" Tips and tricks for the new EMT

    Hello everybody!! My name is Albert Reyes and I am an EMT here in the city of San Jose, Ca for the past 16 years with seven of those being an FTO. I have a passion to help new EMTs when transitioning into their first day in EMS. Because of this passion I have recently published a book called "...
  7. K


    So for starters I'm applying to become a EMT and I live in NJ. I read somewhere that if you're a EMT in NY you can work in NJ so Should I take my classes in NY? Also I live only 20 mins away from NYC so it wouldn't be problem with transportation.
  8. AWebster

    EMT Training Attire... what do they mean?

    I'm about to start my training class this Tuesday, the 10th, but there is no given uniform other than business casual shirts and khaki pants. I got the khaki pants part, but what do they mean "business casual" shirt? Not trying to sound stupid, I just have no clue on what to wear.
  9. K

    Failed the NREMT, should I re-take EMT?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on here. Last month I took the NREMT for the first time and was unsuccessful in passing. I took the EMT course a year and a half ago, and reviewed on my own and did JBLearning up until the test. Any study advice for this exam? I've been thinking about...