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    EMS jobs in Nashville, Tn or surrounding areas

    Hi everyone, I was a EMT for about two years and paramedic for about one year in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a private company. We did 911 contract based along with critical care transfers and basic transfer homes and hospital to hospital. I then left to work in South carolina now...
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    EMT Work Opportunities During the Summer

    Hi! I am getting my EMT-Basic certification this semester at college, I was hoping to gain a part time job working in the Georgia, South Carolina area with this certification since I will also be taking college classes during May and June. I would have approximately four months that I would be...
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    What are some extra certifications I can get as an EMT-B in Southern California?

    Seems like there's enough alphabet soup certifications to make you blue in the face by the time you're done finding them all, some carry weight in the field, some don't, i'm looking for some practical certifications that will improve my care, and understanding currently and in the future, carry...