1. 300Medic

    NYS Conceal Carry

    Hi all, I am sure this has been a topic that many of you have had to face. I am looking for guidance... I have several members who are conceal carry permit holders and want to carry while on duty. Personally, I am struggling with this because while I support everyone's undeniable right to bear...
  2. 300Medic

    Administrative help.

    All, I am looking for some administrative help. The individual who was previously “running” our EMS portion of the department quit/got fired. By the looks of it I will be the lucky one doing most of the admin tasks. Can anyone provide me the requirements, such as NYSDOH 800 and CON that is...
  3. afrench18

    Washington State ED Paramedics?

    I'm curious if any WA paramedics know why hospitals in WA (or at least in King County) do not hire Paramedics to work in EDs. Is this a Washington DOH thing or Hospital thing? It's been a total buzz kill working as a CNA while my Paramedic skills slowly fade out... I would love to be more...