community paramedicine

  1. NaimElm

    Trying to move up in EMS

    Hey y’all! Just having some thoughts about where I am in this field and would like some input. I’ve been a TX paramedic for a little over two years now, and an EMT for three prior. I’ve worked rural 911 ALS and while I’d hardly call myself a master, I decided it’s time to move on and advance to...
  2. ashleyv93

    Community Paramedicine

    I was reading about community paramedicine earlier and I think I understand the concept of it. Please correct me if I'm wrong; Paramedics and EMT's would be used to answer some the calls that come through 911 that are not "worthy" of a trip to the hospital. I was reading about one paramedic who...
  3. beaucait

    Community Paramedic Programs

    I am interested in learning more about the Community Paramedic programs out there. I was recently asked to help out with PR type of stuff, and also helping out with the Community Paramedic program. What are some things that a Community Paramedic program does? Does your CP program have anything...
  4. MedicSansBrains

    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    We've all heard of nurse practitioners. We probably don't know exactly what their scope is or depth of their training but we do know that they are a vital part, along with PA's, to amplifying access to healthcare in the US. We also have heard or even participated in Community Paramedic...