ambulance certificate

  1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    To anyone working in Arizona, how exactly does the certificate of necessity work when there are multiple companies and agencies overlapping one area? Is there a primary agency, and the rest are backup? Or does one fire and one private ambulance show up, and fire only takes high acuity patients...
  2. H

    Just passed the NREMT... what else do I need? (CA)

    Hey all! I just recently passed the NREMT. To my understanding, my next step is to submit all required documents to my local county EMS in order to get my license to begin working. While I await my certification in the mail (which is taking foreeeeeverrr), I have been looking ahead at what else...
  3. M

    CA Ambulance Cert vs. Ambulance License

    I'm currently applying for an ambulance company in Orange County. Its the first time I've been asked for an ambulance license and not the DMV ambulance certificate. Why are these two different?