1. S

    BLS CPR/AED Recertification

    My CPR cert expires in a few months but I really want to get the recertification knocked out ASAP before school starts back up for me. The company I work for says they don't have any recertification classes right now but suggested searching the internet (which didn't help me). Any ideas on how I...
  2. Z

    Design student looking for input from professionals!

    Hello! I'm an industrial design student currently focusing on medical design. I am working on redesigning and AED machine and coming up with a CPR assist device. I would really like to learn about what kind of experiences you've had performing CPR and using AED. It would really help me out a...
  3. BLSSam

    Brady EMS 12th edition makes me question my training

    I recently moved states and have begun the arduous reciprocity process. I found out I have to take the NREMT cognitive portion so I've been doing a bit of review just to make sure I'm all up to date. In my review I encountered this lovely question (question 18) where they seem to be saying if...