1. O

    NREMT Advanced EMT test prep

    Hello EMS family, I am brand new to this site. I have recently completed an A-EMT class in Ohio. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good free A-EMT test prep apps or sites for the registry. Also my EMT-B registry is very close to expiering. My instructor told me that the class...
  2. Jesse Techno

    Basic -> Paramedic Training Management Website

    Hello all! I am new here but I have been reading threw the internet trying to find some help with something. I have been working on a program that I have been using over the last year to track my patient contacts as well as terms and stats on my training complete with reports to see when I...
  3. F

    Nervous about my first ride along.

    So I know that this topic has been beaten over and over again. I'm top in my class and ace all of my practicals 100%. I want to get my paramedic before I go onto school to be a trauma surgeon. I feel very confident in my knowledge and skill. But, as my instructors beat into us, "This is how you...
  4. E

    What is the Current Required text for Advanced EMT?

    I have been looking everywhere but I can not figure out which one is used as the basis for classes and testing etc. I need to get a head start on making study material because I'm going to be very busy working while taking the class in a few months (paying off debt). Is this something that...