1. soflomedic14

    CE Broker for continuing education

    Have any of you used CE Broker For CEUs? It was suggested to me by a few people as it’s apparently easy to use and prices very fairly.
  2. T

    Narcan and pulseless electrical activity

    Question about whether or not to use Narcan in this situation: 911 call was made with a person stating their friend overdosed. Dispatcher tells EMS that there is an "unconscious" person on the scene. EMS arrived on the scene in a known drug area and see an unresponsive male on the ground with a...
  3. B

    Chest Pain Case

    You are dispatched to a residence for a 31 year old male with chest pain. Upon arriving, your patient, whom reports no significant past medical history, presents with with complaints of acute upper abdominal heaviness and chest pain of 2 hours’ duration. He reports he was drinking that night...
  4. C

    ACLS, PALS Card Rejections

    Has anyone had their ACLS or PALS card rejected because the training center did not type your name in? I'm facing this now, and I don't get it. No other company has ever had a problem with any of my certs, but now I'm being told that I need to request a replacement because my name was...