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  • I would be willing to trade you for the Minitor 5, as money is short. I have two Minitor pagers. I have ONE Minitor 3, 2 channel, SV, VHFHi. And I have ONE Minitor 4, 2 channel, NSV, UHF. They are in great condition The Minitor 4 has a little engraving on the front, barely noticeable! Would you be willing to trade me one Minitor 5 with charger, battery, and programming for both of my pager above?
    I am changing my Avatar. Want you to look again and tell me what you think. Give me about 5 minutes.
    LOL I am at work. I can't chat until I get home tonight. I am there every night at 11:30 though. lol
    On Photobucket.com I have a few that I love!! Like one says We are E.M.S. We save your @ss, not kiss it! lol
    hi, you should come into the chat room.... need one more person to break the record :D
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