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    Should we use Narcan on all CPR calls?

    2mg IN rarely needs to be titrated, I'm not 100% sure what the fear is? IV naloxone is far more unforgiving. Perhaps I've just seen too much ham handed BVM use.
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    Labor anelgesia

    The number one reason is (possibly) misplaced accountability fears. A very, very close number two is the FDA's stance on "adulterated gasses" makes the blenders a serious pain in the *** to obtain and carry around. Worked one place that had it, and it was great. Maybe one day we can get it...
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    Should we use Narcan on all CPR calls?

    I cringe when I read this...unskilled BVM use has killed a lot of people.
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    Who Uses Blood Pumps?

    I've seen them carried, but most blood banks are pretty insistent their tubing be used, even in traumas. So it's pretty pointless honestly.
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    Prehospital Ultrasound

    I'm gonna take a guess that VinBin has never worked more than 30 minutes from a tertiary center.
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    Prehospital Ultrasound

    So you would say there's no utility in using it to determine the correct destination?
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    paramedic accountability in Canada

    I'm fairly certain you would need to consult a lawyer and get an official accounting of what happened. This sounds way too much like legal fishing.
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    Critical Care Ops

    It's funny how the world is small enough you know what programs everyone works for.
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    Critical Care Ops

    Fixed wing Paramedic/Paramedic crew in a King Air C90.
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    Last time I checked, my ambulances/aircraft weren't really any dirtier than an ED room. I've worked in both. Preventing contamination is more of a training issue than anything.
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    What is your national drug guide you've use in school?

    Strive to learn medicine and common doses for common conditions. Protocols, ect, really aren't the important thing to learn.
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    Modify ET CO2 tube adapter for nasal use.

    Those both clock in pretty damn high on the list....
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    Modify ET CO2 tube adapter for nasal use.

    Ok, I'll admit I'm grumpy and I apologize for that. That said, there's a number of ways to obtain the info you're looking for. Maybe not with a neat little clean number (that really means very little without a baseline ABG, but that's another story), but honestly good assessment skills won't...
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    How many times have you been to a single residence in a single week?

    6 times in a day, we knew her well. MedStar MH in Fort Worth stopped billing one guy at four million dollars outstanding debt.
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    Modify ET CO2 tube adapter for nasal use.

    Yes, and medicine is the real job of EMS providers. Not public safety, not firefighting...delivering medicine in out-of-hospital, transport and austere environments.