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    A Poll: When You're Off-Duty

    No I do not wear have any identifying material. I only carry one pair of gloves in my car. I will only ever stop If i can make an immediate difference I.E cardiac arrest to do CPR. The only time I have ever stopped was to assist a seizing pt outside a musical festival on my way home...
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    Ankle dislocation + distal fibula fx

    We have vac splints on all our trucks, so when we lose one at hospital / with a patient we just raid the stores area where the hospitals clean and return the splints. Sometimes we end up with splints labelled with stations across the other side of the state (if theyve been flown down), makes for...
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    It is carried and used by our trauma response team which is usually specially trained medics (RSI, FAST, Blood products) + or - a doctor. I wrote a paper on it recently, here is an excerpt: The CRASH-2 study in 2010 involved a randomised placebo controlled trial among trauma patients with...
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    Bed Delays.... The foreign concept, only not.

    Sometimes a nurse or doc would pop their heads in and have a look / ask a few questions. The reason it got so bad on this day was that this hospital was one of two large tertiary hospitals in our city- the other smaller ones had gone on bypass leaving only 2 "open for business"
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    Bed Delays.... The foreign concept, only not.

    We have delays of 30 mins to several hours on busy days. Riding the wall or 'ramping' has become a big political issue here with politicians and health officials trying to reduce it. This is how bad it was at its peak: 20+ ambulances some offloaded, many waiting with patients still...
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    ASA and Chest Palpitations

    No. What anti-platelet benefit are you hoping to device from ASA administration? This patient is not suffering ACS, no aspirin.
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    Allergic reaction meds

    Don't forget the IV NS bolus for marked hypotension.
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    Ambulance Ride Alongs!

    I would weep tears of joy If I had a shift with no calls. :P
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    Received CPR 5 wks ago

    Congrats on living. If you want to thank the crew who worked on you contact your local ems, fire or ambulance service. The EMTs or Medics involved would get a kick out of your survival tale.
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    "Keep on-scene time < 20 minutes for medical"

    We have no time limits. If I go to a suspected cardiac chest pain, I will give aspirin, GTN, start and IV , 12 lead and possibly even morphine before loading.
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    Does this make me a bad EMT?

    I never stop unless something is occurring that is immediately life threatening, and I can do something about it. Without our tools and drugs, there is little that we can do beside call 000/911, which would have been done anyway.
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    Angulated Fracture With Good Circulation

    If the limb has to be moved slightly to facilitate splinting or extrication, then usually morphine / fentanyl and heavy use of methoxyflurane inhaler works wonders. If they use the inhaler properly for a short period they will forget they have a limb :rofl: Recent example was elderly patient...
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    Heart patient--not sure i did the right thing

    If my patient has borderline blood pressure or other concerns, I will give Aspirin, but do a 12 lead and get IV access first before I start giving Nitro and Morphine.
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    Add a benzo to morphine for better analgesia?

    Our protocols allow Intensive Care Medics to use Midazolam for severe pain (burns, bad fractures) after Morphine (0.1 / 0.2mg/kg) have been given. I have seen this done once with a fractured femur, I believe 2 x 1mg IV dosages were given after approx 15mg of Morphine. However Ketamine is...