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    NREMT-B Question, some confussion..

    this happened to me as well, man this sucks. a yr goes by like nothing
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    is a week enough time?

    I go back to school on the 14th. Do you guys think this is enough time to effectively study up for the NREMT? and do you guys know of any effective online programs to help me up to speed? I passed my emt class months ago, but its been about 6 months since iv been in the class. i dont care if...
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    dealing with anxiety and stress

    thanks crofft. but i guess i wont know. its been the first time in my life iv never had insurence, pretty crappy feeling. no way to dispatch, i feel made for this. sure i have wanted a few other jobs but they where police,military and all still come back to the basis of helping people. but i...
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    dealing with anxiety and stress

    iv wanted this my whole life. its a minor sprain, nothing more. its not like iv had it for the last 3 years or something.
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    dealing with anxiety and stress

    I appreciate your honesty. But now that i think about it my dad had a stroke a little over a yr ago and is not pretty much worthless(might sound mean spirited but hey, this is how i deal with it) and cant do for others. my mom has 3 compressed vertebrate and can barley walk, so i have to feed...
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    dealing with anxiety and stress

    hi guys, im a 19 yr old emt b student. im having a problem with how to deal with this stress now that class is coming to an end. im really good in high stress situations that happen quickly and develop rather rapidly. However not so good with the long term. we have 3 weeks left till the final...
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    Just took my first class....

    my instructor gave a link to on the course syllabus...
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    CPR with Knee Pads

    Hey guys I'm a emt class and I wear ****ies. We have Yet to start doing any cpr and all that. Do you think 511's are worth buying for the class?
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    Hey guys just started call saturday. I think im the youngest in the class @ 19.