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    Wilderness EMT Classes in the Wilderness?

    Cool - thanks for the replies. Looked at both and they seem pretty well established. Gives me a good starting point. R
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    Medical jobs that work in the wilderness

    I have read about a number of EMT trail guides that offer guided hikes and back country trips that I have looked into in the past. Maybe not a full time gig, but a side gig that could supplement what you do for the "day job". Could get you that wilderness experience you are looking for, and...
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    Stopping/reversing dramatic weight gain

    I once gained 30 pounds in 6 months, lost it the next 6 months. Came to a realization that I needed to change after ripping my pants at work bending over - mortified. Did it by eating 90% raw vegetables and egg whites. That was over 10 years ago. I still stay healthy by following these...
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    Patient Friendly Jokes

    How do you make best friends with a squirrel? Act like a nut.
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    What are you going to do when you retire?

    1) grandkids, 2) hiking/camping, 3) gaming.
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    How to stay healthy in the New Normal?

    I've embraced the yoga mat (while holding my nose). Helped me to overcome a back issue that I had last year and just continued doing it hard when my gym shut down. Changed my whole mental state from being a weekend warrior with weights to steady every day and focusing on my core instead of the...
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    Should I bite the bullet and tell my county I have juvenile misdemeanor?

    Ditto above - well said. And it does vary from state to state. I have represented clients in criminal expungements and also served as a law enforcement attorney. You should talk to an attorney in your jurisdiction about it. Nothing I am saying here should be construed as legal advice or...
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    Wilderness EMT Classes in the Wilderness?

    Been dreaming of a wilderness EMT certification that I could pitch as a team building getaway for a group of us on my end. Anyone know of anything like that in mid-west US? Thanks, R