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    Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?

    Apologies, you are correct. LOGCAP has a lot of OCN but not many as medics, if any. We have OCNs on some other programs and have always been told they cannot get a secret clearance. On our DOS contracts they get MRPTs. For DOD I imagine it would be some sort of vetting or NACI.
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    Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?

    Depends on the position and the level of clearance required (NACI, Secret, etc...). The LOGCAP contracts generally have a lot of non-US workers. Same with DOS contracts.
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    Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?

    Without going too much into it. As alphatrauma pointed out, if you are interested in working in the Ukraine, it would behoove you to wait until it is awarded, rather than on-boarding with Global Rescue now.
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    Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?

    Update: Ukraine - may push past October. Global Rescue will be departing. Critical Care not required of all but a few. CHS and Icarus/iSOS recruiting. Kosovo - CHS has program at Camp Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny. Icarus/iSOS has program at Camp Film City in Pristina. Afghanistan - CHS has...
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    CHS Medical now Caliburn?

    Caliburn was formed about a year ago. Janus, Sallyport, PT&C and CHS will become Caliburn.
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    Need a paramedic for Afghanistan

    Hello all! We have a need for a Paramedic with a DoD clearance(can be a simple NACI) to do a short term assignment (2-3 weeks) in Afghanistan. Either Kandahar, Bagram or both. There is the possibility for this to turn into a more long term position if you like. We need to send someone over in...
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    Opportunity for non-US Paramedic or Nurse

    Yes the US spot is taken. We need a non-US Medic or Nurse from a NATO country.
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    Opportunity for non-US Paramedic or Nurse

    Hello! We have an opening for a NATO country paramedic or nurse. The position is located about 20 mins north of Prishtina, Kosovo and is for a Role 1 Clinic. Easy days and good living. Kosovo is a nice break from Iraq and Afghanistan for whoever might be interested. PM me for details or if...
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    CHS Medical?

    The ALiSS contract in Kabul has started. EMS service at both Embassy compounds. The hospital there will be a bit but there is talk of going with a Role 1 in the meantime. There is also a NATO contract that just started in Kosovo also. Small Role 1 with a US Medic and NATO Medic and Doctor. If...
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    Panama City, FL

    I worked in Bay County for 4 years. The system used to be owned by Bay Medical Center but the county took it over a year or so ago. Check out the county's website. It's a busy service. I liked it and miss it sometimes. Until I see all the Spring Break drama on the news. Lifeguard is also in the...
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    Level Of Training

    I just feel like it's such a pipedream. It probably is. It's not a pipe dream. I was working EMS in Panama City, FL and decided I wanted to contract. Just started harrassing people until they gave in. Lol. Really just kept making connections until I got to some recruiters. Now have worked...
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    Level Of Training

    Not a bad idea but since there are so many paramedics out there that already have the training you'd be a better candidate if you had it going in. You should look into a NEBOSH class if you want to work an rig overseas. You'll also need BOSIET and HUET.
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    Level Of Training

    Are you looking to work as a contractor, oil rigs, or just looking for work outside the US?
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    Tarascon Internal Medicine and Critical Care Pocketbook

    Thanks Remi! I'll check that one out.