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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    i used although it was helpful i felt it kept repeating the same questions. jb learning seems to have a bigger bank of questions. but both were very helpful. best of luck! i'm sure you will do just fine
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    florida medic recert

    thanks, that's what i was thinking.
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    florida medic recert

    hey guys! i recently recert my NRP using distance cme, i'm trying to plug in my distance cme course for florida on their site. it is rather confusing, can any of help or should i just call florida doh up for help? thanks in advance
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    Paramedic Relocating to Central FL.

    if you don't mind the travel there's places I have looked into. sunstar and manatee county up by tampa. i think lee county is hiring that is near orlando as is universal studios looking for paramedics. i'm trying to relocate from new york and have my florida cert
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    Recert “under review”

    yes it is, thank you was renewed as of last night. we were trying to resolve an issue with changing the training officer as it wasn't working out following there directions online.
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    Central Florida Paramedic jobs

    any paramedic jobs available in the central florida area up to two hour travel? looking to get out of new york within the next few months
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    Recert “under review”

    finally got mine done, just in the nick of time. only cause agency issues.
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    Recert “under review”

    i'm in the same boat, since our old training officer isn't around to put the new one in i have to wait for my chief to email to nremt to change it. then i gotta wait for that to be updated and have TO sign off and then the medical director to affiliate himself and then sign off. for now so i...
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    NCCP recert question for paramedic

    Thank you. The nremt just makes it sound confusing. Im in ny and trying to leave but my training office keeps giving me the run around signing off for me, i need to send it in by end of march. Beyond frustrated
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    NCCP recert question for paramedic

    i'm trying to plug in my state/local component along with individual in the 2016 version for the NCCP recert. Can i use topics that are considered flexible content for the state/local component?
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    Lee County, Fl EMS

    as a new york medic looking to get out of new york i'd be interested. already got my fla medic card
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    entering classes from distance cme into nremt site

    thank you, solved the problem. the first person that helped me at nremt, had me enter them wrong. now everything is looking fine.
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    entering classes from distance cme into nremt site

    i completed my ALS NCCR on distance cme and entered everything on the nremt site. now looking at it, transcript courses don't seem to add up with the topics on nremt. has anyone had any issues with this or can be helpful. i'd appreciate it. thank you and be safe
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    manatee county ems florida

    any fellow florida emt's or paramedic's familiar with manatee county ems? was thinking of looking into applying there and wanted to do some research about employment there. also what is their agility test composed of? any leads or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and stay safe
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    North Carolina

    thank you so much. yes i just saw that you sent me a PM with your contact info. thanks again