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    Line of demarcation with a PE

    What a horrible answer revealing your lack of knowledge in patho. Blood leaves the right ventricle, into pulmonary circulation. Leaves pulmonary circulation, into Left ventricle, then out to the body. Sooo by you're patho, the right heart (proximal to injury-clot) is getting what it...
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    EMS Supply Stores in Edmonton

    TST Canada in Spruce Grove
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    IV or no IV?

    Need is such a subjective word. Does someone with chestpain "Need" oxygen? Does a CVA "Need" I.V. access? Does someone with a broken arm "Need" analgesia? Does someone going in for a scheduled CT "Need" an IV in the ambulance for the contrast dye thier going to get in hospital? Again...
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    IV or no IV?

    I start it, Of course I practice proactive, not reactive. But I realize that is not for everyone.
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    1 y/o F pt dunked in boiling water

    Been on the internet long? LOL, in good fun!
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    1 y/o F pt dunked in boiling water

    Totally agree with this point. I am certain that the internet is not the right place though. IF there were a few people on here ragging on the OP for this call, it could do serious damage. I highly doubt any councillor worth seeing would suggest hitting the internet forums for "peer support"
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    1 y/o F pt dunked in boiling water

    I am missing something too... What do you think you may have missed? The scenario is full of holes as presented, I assume this is not a comprehensive list of the actual assessment and call flow. Unless you post your scope of practice I cannot determine if anything is missing. You called...
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    Cardiac monitoring

    No where in this scenario did it say anything about limited resources. So again, your theory fails.
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    Cardiac monitoring

    You're right, they don't NEED cardiac monitoring. Nor do they NEED vitals taken. Really, they dont NEED an ambulance. I do not make it a habit to only treat/assess people with what they NEED. Otherwise my narc pouch would never open.... I mean really, no one dies from pain, so no one...
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    Cardiac monitoring

    Hmmm... I fail to see how adding a strip to a complete assessment correlates to call volume? Perhaps it takes you alot longer than me (or my EMT partner) to put on a 4 lead. Let's get real here, yes, every nosebleed. not every patient... but pretty well every patient. I assess for all...
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    Cardiac monitoring

    Honestly man, cardiac strip has become part of my routine vitals. It is not very often I don't put one on. One thing I teach my students is EVERY sick patients get 02, IV, cardiac monitor. So to directly answer your question.... Yes both the above patients would have a monitor...
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    Okay I got one for ya...can't feel pulse in one extremity after running?

    Unlikely as spasm is usually the result of injury. Seriously though.... This could just be a physiological abnormality (like a misplaced/deep radial artery). I assume you are only checking radial pulse, as if you are checking femoral and carotid and only finding a pulse on one side.... well...
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    Scenario today.

    Evidence? The body is strapped down with at least 3 belts (2 + 4 point torso harness here). Then tape down the head..... How is this any different than using a LSB, other than the pt is spared the added stress/pressure injuries of the LSB.
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    EPI training for EMT-B

    The pain associated with the injections was likely not from the solution as it is isotonic. the pain will be from the amount of fluid injected. If you are using 1 or even 3 ml syringes, there is no reason to inject anymore than 0.3ml. Once you get up around 1.0ml, the muscle is going to be sore.