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  • Yea, WA is real nice. I actually live on the east side. That is the "gooder" part of the state. Much nicer summers without all the rain the west side gets. Plenty of snow in the winter for skiing. Lakes, rivers, mountains not that far away, lots of hiking, some climbing, all that of course if you like outdoors stuff. Me, I practically live outdoors when I can. (Although I do like a roof over me at night........:ph34r:)

    If you evet get the chance, come up and check us out.
    Hey! Where you at? You aren't in WA State are you?

    There are quite a few jobs around. Lots of fire based EMS in this statae. Especially on the west side. Not to many private amb jobs though. You can get hired as an EMT-B at a casino though. Ha ha ha!

    I take it you were just being funny about a Job in WA state.
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