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    Hospital suspends over 100 employees for not getting COVID vaccine

    Your entire post screamed, "let em rot." I'm not sure how you want others to interpret "if they get Covid by not wearing a mask, they should be fired AND IMMEDIATELY LOSE THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE." Even though that isn't how it works anywhere in America (paid through the month at least, then...
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    Hospital suspends over 100 employees for not getting COVID vaccine

    I'm against a power fantasy where people are left to suffer and rot in the gutter because they aren't employed and can't afford basic healthcare. That's quite a sadistic take on consequences isn't it? People txt and drive and if they get into an accident, we don't say... well it was THEIR FAULT...
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    Becoming a EMT

    Straight flush or better only.
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    It's almost Tax Day!!!

    I also used Credit Karma this year due to selling stocks and it being free for everyone... and I already had an account there. The free versions of many programs do not allow you to fill in form 8949 (sales of capital assets) electronically, and they link you to the paid version instead...
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    tamper-evident security seal use in inventory management

    When I was the EMS manager for my company I had setup our inventory thusly: I maintained a Google document for our company inventory that was accessible to management and the supervisors under me. The doc contained an inventory of all our supplies and the closest expiration date and the...
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    is a broken arm an ALS or BLS call?

    I love our fractured EMS systems. For quite a while in PA, EMTs were trusted with oral glucose but not finger poke CBG. Even before that, there was a time where you could apply oxygen, but might not be able to check on SpO2.
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    Covid transports - PPE

    It's nuts that more services don't have half/full-face respirators with P100 filters. Work of breathing is super easy, the fit is far more secure, eye-wear does not fog due to exhalation, and they are far more crush and damage resistant than "dust mask" N95s. Most are very easy to clean and...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    It did highlight the areas that we would have issues should a "true" plague-tier pandemic come knocking. People traveling down to spring break then spreading over most of the eastern half of the country during a lock-down bodes poorly for any future containment efforts. We need to be ready to...
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    Are we taking "Scene Safety" too far?

    I think this is something that can't really be taught. A person either has street-smarts or they do not. We all know someone that blunders into things that most people should see coming over and over and they never seem to learn from it.
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    Pet names?

    You hear a lot of incredible stories while working in EMS. Some of them are even true. I use pet names some times depending on the context. Sometimes you want to try to put people at ease and not be extremely formal as that can be a little intimidating. I do avoid being super informal with...
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    What's that red button on the radio for?

    It's fun when you're driving and manage to activate the SHTF button, good luck working that out in a timely manner. Ask how I know. One of my coworkers managed to hit it three times in a row while at a firehouse barbecue. Dispatch told him that he'd need to bring them ribs if he did it again.
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Since we're on the topic of respirators, I can't recommend a full-face respirator strongly enough. Having spent all day in poly N95 respirators, half-face respirators, and full-face respirators... by far the most comfortable and secure was the full-face. Downside, of course, is the cost. A...
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    Half Face Respirator P100 "life"

    Use the filter until breathing becomes difficult. You don't sanitize filters, anything you could do to them would likely ruin their ability to actually work. If you need to prevent contamination, then you would need to dispose of the filter and sanitize the mask. They are not reusable, but they...
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    freezing up and choking during skill drills

    Have you heard of the internet? :cool:
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    Advice for an Aspiring Female EMT?

    Work smarter and not harder. Use leverage to your advantage. Use manpower to your advantage (many hands make light work). Don't be afraid to call for backup early, you can always cancel if not needed. Don't stay at employers that don't take the potential for lifting injuries seriously. That...