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    Advice for an Aspiring Female EMT?

    Work smarter and not harder. Use leverage to your advantage. Use manpower to your advantage (many hands make light work). Don't be afraid to call for backup early, you can always cancel if not needed. Don't stay at employers that don't take the potential for lifting injuries seriously. That...
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    Who is your company hiring???

    You are largely at the mercy of the employee to correctly list their prior employers, unless your HR dept is going to call every EMS agency in a 100-mile area every time someone is hired. If you do get a proper list, the most you are likely to get from the former employer is "yes, Joe Shmoe...
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    Cost of EMS

    The 911-only company I worked for had been covering the same township for 50+ years. A few years back another agency wanted to take over the municipal contract. So instead of the usual price of $350,000 or so, the contract was driven down to $30,000 or so by bidding plus an agreement to purchase...
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    Best Tablets for ESO's EHR??

    iPad minis work well in a ruggedized case, and are small enough to hold comfortably as well as fitting in a large cargo pocket or tucking in with equipment when not in use. Using large tablets or notebooks on scene makes no sense to me.
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    Any advice on entering the work force without experience?

    At least you'll have your cert in hand when applying. I've already dealt with a bunch of applications this month where the conversation went... "I'm not seeing an EMT cert in your resume"... "Oh, I'll be finished with EMT school in a month!"
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    Any news on an ESO EHR app coming to Apple devices?

    We also use the web version on iPads, but the problem with that is two-fold; Weekly scheduled system maintenance that precludes using web ESO at all during that time period. Lost/blocked 3G/4G service can hamper crews from getting signatures. There are very few Windows tablets/laptops that are...
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    Any news on an ESO EHR app coming to Apple devices?

    I've heard rumblings about ESO porting their ESOsuite into IOS app form for use on iPads. Has anyone here heard anything concrete?
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    Looking to buy Reeves stretchers

    Sorry, we picked up a few already! Feel free to sell em to whomever you got.
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    Looking to buy Reeves stretchers

    The 101 should be sufficient, I just have to be able to convince the money guy that we should buy a few. So buying them off of anyone looking to get rid of some older ones would be fine.
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    Looking to buy Reeves stretchers

    Some of our crews have requested them, but we've already got a 100 case of mega-movers, so I'm trying to get some secondhand ones to make it an easier sell for purchasing.
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    Looking to buy Reeves stretchers

    If anyone has or knows of a company with some Reeves stretchers for sale let me know. New or used as long as they are in serviceable condition is fine.
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    Ondansetron as primary antiemetic?

    I've heard rumblings of diphenhydramine possibly correlating with increased rates of dementia for long term users and is now being recommended for short term use only. As for your specific question, I don't know... but people generally very much dislike the feeling of lethargy brought on by...
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    FEMA National Ambulance Contract

    Great info so far, appreciated!
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    FEMA National Ambulance Contract

    Is anyone's agency part of this program? My companies president said he was interested in becoming a FEMA contractor and asked me to look into it. You guys are the best resource I know to get information about this sort of thing :cool: This is in Pennsylvania, if you have any insight or need...
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    They get your time for free as well as pawning off their equipment costs to you? Nice deal for them.