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    TB testing is a common and ongoing screening requirement in many places. Many companies in SoCal require it every 6 months given how common tuberculosis is in our area. For TB screening, our county health department is now pushing the Quantiferon TB blood test instead of the TB skin test as it...
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    The absolute begining.

    I'm in favor of investing in the best shoes that you can afford. Think of the cost being spread over each day you wear them.
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    things you will never live down

    Accidentally knocked over one of those vacuum bottles used in the ED to collect ascites fluid. Super loud explosion!
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    Dumbest Questions People Ask You

    I heard a patient say that her pituitary was hurting. Is that possible?
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    sport for fitness

    I love rowing. Also, if you have access to it, rock climbing is a great sport that works most of the body in a very natural way.
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    CPR endurance exercises?

    I do push ups and burpees. I've seen a few people end up with a cracked sternum and ribs which makes me apprehensive about using too much force.
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    ET vs Laryngeal airway

    ET is a more "definitive" airway but it needs to put in right and kept in place in order to serve as definitive.