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    EMS - Knowing what you know, would you still recommend it as a career?

    Absolutely... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job. Sometimes its really easy to hate 24 hour shifts on the busiest truck in our operation, but overall I've got it made. PS, I work full time on a 911 ACLS ambulance for a company that runs 10K calls a year w/ 4 trucks.
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    24hr or not to 24hr??

    as long as there is coverage for 24 hours a day, the government/county/state/city could care less how many men/shifts it takes to do the job, or for how long they do it.
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    Medic Students!!!

    in a few weeks I'm gonna join yall. I think classes start late June/early July but I dont know the exact date.
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    What do you hate the most when you start your shift?

    the trash not being emptied.... I totally understand if they had a busy night (we work 24's) or a late call and didnt get it restocked or refueled, however there is NO reason not to empty your trash OR put a liner back in the can.
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    For the Women Paramedics...unless guys wear sports bra's

    Another big boobie'd girl in the field here.... I stopped buying cute little bras after kids. Now, I wear the enormous, grandma ones that hold the girls up and minimize as much as possible. However, I found a really cool sports-bra type @ Wal-Mart. It has cups so you dont get a uniboob, and...
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    Non Fiction EMS Books?

    I've also heard of one called Hero Pants, or something like that!
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    Non Fiction EMS Books?

    there is a new book out by a firemedic out of Florida then NYFD who now lives in my town. I cant for the life of me think of his name, or the name of his book though. I will see if I can find it.
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    Do you laugh?

    1 time i did. No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt control it. I ended up walking away for a minute. This patient kept burping. Like LOUD belching every 5 seconds. I was rolling laughing. It wasnt until after we got her in the back and I realized she was faking the burps that I got...
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    Pop quiz hotshot: What is the best skill an EMT (B/I/P) can have?

    the ability to get stuff from your head to your hands... if you got that, everything else will come w/ time!
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    Is your agency hiring?

    We're hiring Medics, and I'm pretty sure we are/about to start hiring EMT-I's.
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    Do you really run, or just walk?

    If you ever see me run, PLEASE shoot the large animal that is chasing me!
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    Your first call?

    we had to 3rd ride for a while before being released w/ a partner. That first call was an active seizure. post 3rd riding it was something dumb like general sickness... fever, chills, n/v. One of those calls that needs a taxi to the docs office more than an ambulance to the ER 3rd riding...
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    What made you start?

    Its something I've wanted to do for years. About my 2nd or 3rd year of college, i KNEW its what I wanted to do when I grew up, but having a father who graduated 2nd in his Naval Academy class, it was expected that I graduate from college. 5 years later I did, then had kids and was a stay at...
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    Most Memorable Call?

    Probably 1 of 2.... Aug. 30, the day before the 1 year anniversary of my little girls death, we had a young boy w/ a majorly fractured skull w/ brain injury from rolling his fathers large quad over, handle bars squishing his head. I started back smoking that night. Or, 5 Rangers just back...
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    EMS and taking pictures of incidents...

    I get that, and I get taking pics for training and/or evidence purposes. However, I see very little reason why an EMT or Paramedic would have use of a cell phone picture... other than to put them on the internet which I personally think gives our industry as a whole a bad name. For instance...