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    Best Tablets for ESO's EHR??

    All I have to offer is that Durabooks are the worst computing device I've ever used. Don't get those.
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    I use a format nearly identical to this. Once I got used to it, it flows pretty quickly and it's gotten rave reviews from our QA and ER docs.
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    Off-Road Patient Transport/Extrication

    We have something similar that we use for large events, particularly NFL games.
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    What's your "line" on refusals?

    A lot of this obviously depends on protocol. I'd have to call in the refusal because he has alcohol on board. That said, I think the big thing is to always err on the side of doing a refusal. You're never going to be wrong documenting that someone refused care and having them sign to that effect.
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    Medic jobs in CO

    Hi, I work for Denver Health, so if you have any questions I’m happy to help. Personally, I’d look at AMR Boulder before Falck. The Aurora System sucks, especially for medics. I know people that work for Thompson Valley (Loveland), UCHealth/Poudre Valley (Fort Collins), and Platte Valley...
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    What do you look for in boots?

    I vote for Haix, too. GSG9s are my everyday boot. I also have a pair of Airpower R8s that I use when I'm working out of a station.
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    Good EMT companies to work for in the Denver area?

    They don't backup Denver Health, I guess they could still do something for South Metro. I should have specified they don't do any primary 911.
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    Good EMT companies to work for in the Denver area?

    Columbine Ambulance does not do 911 anywhere.
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    The Roof Rack Chronicles

    Also pricy, but SeaSucker racks are pretty awesome.
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    How sober does someone have to be to sign a refusal?

    Excellent and highly relevant article from one of my colleagues.
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    Body Armor

    We provide external vests with rifle plates for every provider to be worn when needed. I would estimate about 40% or so also wear concealable armor, but that’s at your own discretion. We do have a loan program for people to buy armor up front and repay it through payroll deductions.
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    Ibuprofen vs APAP

    Assuming no alcohol/liver issues, it's really patient's preference. Ibuprofen doesn't do anything for me, I prefer Aleve, personally. You shouldn't be giving enough acetaminophen to cause liver issues (again, barring other factors).
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    AMR anyone?

    Ambulance May Respond?
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    Bullet Proof Vest!

    San Jose
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    Loadings and penalties

    We get overtime for anything over 40 hours in one pay week. Evening shift differential ($2.45/hour) if half or more of your shift is after 3 PM, night shift differential ($4.65/hour) if half or more of your shift is after 11 PM. Overtime pays 1.5x base, holiday pay is also 1.5 base and we get 8...