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    Dispatchers Say the Darndest Things...

    Dispatcher: Unitxxx respond to .... for a domestic, Husband states Wife is acting irrational. Unit: 10.80, how irrational is the wife? Dispatcher: how irrational are wifes usually? Unit:Oh Boy. Unknown Female Unit: Heeeeeyyy Now!!!!!!!!!
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    What does your agency ride in...

    These are the two rigs we run. both are Fords, and I believe PL Customs.
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    Haha, yup good ole Bear. He's a Senior this year. I was saying "eh" at the end of my sentences by the end of the season with all of the Canadians on the team. It still pops out from time to time as well
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    Hockey injuries come in a variety of types. Over one season iv treated separated shoulders, Subluxed Shoulders, Labrum Tears, high Ankle sprains, multiple finger and hand injuries, a few sutures to the face arms and foot, Elbow UCL Tear, and muscle strains. You of course have your blunt...
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    haha thats funny, they are in the same league as my school, Sacred Heart, and I have covered games there. Its a nice rink, with some good food if i remember correctly. Their Hockey AT is a good guy as well. Enjoy it.
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    what college game are you covering?
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    When you arrive seek out the home teams Sports Medicine staff and introduce yourself, ask where is a good place to situate yourself with you gear, aka stretcher w/ jump kit and board and collar. it will usually be near a gate to the ice and door to your bus. They will signal you onto the ice if...
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    Ice Hockey Detail

    I am a Athletic Training Student as well as a EMT and last year i covered my school's D1 Hockey team. I had to spine board a athlete at RIT last year on the ice as well. If you are covering a game that is high school and above, there should be a AT there, College and above will have multiple...
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    Anyone a NSP Ski/Snowboard Patroller?

    I will be taking my 'on snow' exam as soon as we get trails open in the catskill region of NY. It makes you think a little outside the box in comparison to straight EMT 911 work.
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    Ruined Vacations?

    most likely 3 torn ligaments, instead of tendons. the AC joint is held together by a complex of 3 ligament, and by your xray, you have done a number on them.
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Said by a Female tech to a Drunk patient that had a shirt with the "Woody" station wagons on it. "Look, you have a woody!"
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    Simple tricks

    who needs trauma shears to cut tape????
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    EMT vs. Athletic Trainers

    My interaction with ski patrol has been ok. Its basically just a glorified boys club on the have your good ones, and you have your bad ones just like any other sector in the health field. im getting my bang for my buck on this thread because im starting patrol as well this season...
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    EMT vs. Athletic Trainers

    we both have different specialties i believe. ATC's are more trained in orthopedic injuries and splinting and spinboarding of athletes. ATC's are also trained well in woundcare. EMT's have more experience in medical emergencies and have more knowledge and administrative power to administer...
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    EMT vs. Athletic Trainers

    Hey, just a quick question. as a EMT-B and a Athletic Training student. I was just curious if any of you have had experiences in interacting with ATC's while either on standby at games or what not. Positive or negative it doesn't matter, but how were you experiences. Do you feel like we are...