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    Happy Holidays from!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may both be blessed and full of health and safety.
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    For the Women Paramedics...unless guys wear sports bra's

    this is in response to the hair part. I also use aussie which works well. I have a friend who recommended using a brand called Catwalk. My friends found it in the salon portion of walmart and other salons. She says it works well. I don't go to walmart when the salons open so i haven't tried...
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    Happy Holidays from EMTLife

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone
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    Major Forum Announcement! - Happy Birthday Chimpie!

    Happy Birthday:birthday:
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    New Chat Host: Sapphyre

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    A special note: Happy Birthday MedicPrincess!

    Happy Birthday a day late. Hope it was a fantastic day.
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    Important - Happy Birthday Jon!

    Happy Birthday Jon hope it is a grand day.
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    EMT-Basic to RN.

    I have to agree with vent. There is a difference between nursing and EMS. I've heard it described as being nursing "sterile environment" EMS "non sterile environment". because nurses workin in mostly controled environments and ems doesn't. I started off in EMS to nursing but i did my...
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    Congratulations ENJOYNZ!

    congrats on the new position.
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    Need suggestions for studying!

    I'm going to repeat what many have already said but it is what we suggest our students to do. Take the NREMT sheet that is often found in the back of the book or is handed out, or I believe can be found on the web. Take it every where you go and when you have down time waiting in line, for you...
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    Newer Newest Community Leader: Jon

    Congrats Jon
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    Newest Community Leader: MedicPrincess!

    congrats Princess!!!
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    Happy Valentines Day

    Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day spent with those you love most. even if it was only your coworkers.:lol:
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    Passed Paramedic Practicals

    Congrats on passing the practicles and good luck on the CAT testing.
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    ckrump you brought up another good question I've been pondering. Should or Pads match up with the local Ambulance service. So we don't have to switch pads? What are your feelings on this? Thanks again guys.