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    Covid-19 news

    That is really good for you. The pandemic has affected us all differently. I think that being sensitive about others is really important.
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    Covid-19 news

    I am sure that the situation has caused this alarming rise. We don't even know when this would end so that add to it even more.
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    Funny Ems phrases

    Be nice to me. I dispense the happy pills.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    In life, there are times you must only walk without any particular direction to find your random fate!
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    What are you listening to?

    One of the best songs to date. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
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    Career advice

    You should!...
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    Covid-19 news

    Just maintain your desired shape and it will be good to go!
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    Covid-19 news

    Adults in Generation Z (46%) were the most likely to say that their mental health had deteriorated since the pandemic, followed by Xers (33%), Millennials (31%), Boomers (28%), and older adults (9% ). Since the start of the pandemic, the majority of adults (61%) have experienced unwanted weight...
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    Training Coordinator

    You're definitely right about that, ollie.
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    Close call

    Only a few people can do that but still impressive.
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    Last Week Tonight: EMS in the US

    a number of them are the only acceptable ones. Not sure about others.
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    lmao... but yea he is indeed.
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    Skip Kirkwood resigns from NEMSMA

    Relax guys, just relax. Don't let your hate eat you. Relax 😇
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    Potential media ride-along / special

    I agree with you buddy.
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    New to the group

    Welcome to the community both of you.