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  • Heyy I work in Donaldsonville. Currently Acadian (Where I work) has a few Basic openings in East Baton Rouge. It would be best to check out the website (www.acadian.com) frequently. If your just starting out, I would highly recomend working for them..you learn alot.
    Hey aandjmayne, nice to meet ya.

    It didn't take long for NREMT to post my written results to the website. The first time I was able to get online to check was maybe 4 days after I took the exam and it was on there.

    The practicals results were given the same day. The examiner who gave me my results said that they were going to mail them off the next day, but it took Registry almost two weeks to post my status online. I just got my card and patch in the mail today after the website said it was mailed on Thanksgiving. I tested practicals on Nov 21, so you can see the timeframe is pretty efficient. I'm mailing off for my state card tomorrow so we'll see how long that takes (hopefully not as long as the rumors I've heard).

    Legally you must have both your NREMT and state cards on your person in order to work as an EMT in Louisiana. But I don't see anything wrong with talking to HR people at some of the services before then. Are you testing Basic?

    Good luck!
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