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When do you use bvm & Nonrebreather?

Discussion in 'BLS Discussion' started by Sknight2012, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. ThadeusJ

    ThadeusJ Forum Lieutenant

    Mask/circuit connectors must follow an ISO standard (ISO 5356-1) which is also captured in the ISO standard for BVM connectors, ISO 10651-4. The masks must either have a 22mm female connection or a 15mm male connection. The is why most masks have both, with a 22mmOD/15mm ID connector. Infant masks usually have the smaller connector (15mm O.D.).

    Some CPAP masks have a swivel/elbow which can get in the way, but the connections should conform to the same standards. Connector bushings may be needed if attaching certain nebulizer tees or other ancillary equipment.
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