Verified Vendor Program ends


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To all of our members and guests,

About this time last year we launched the Verified Vendor program. We quickly found three vendors from our membership who were willing to be part of this experimental program.

I would like to thank DT4EMS, Physio Control and BLS Systems Limited for their involvement and willingness to be a representative of their companies to our members.

Unfortunately the program didn't grow past these three and we have decided to end it. All of the threads in the VV categories will moved into the appropriate sections by the end of the week.

Please take a moment and support each of the three by visiting their websites:
DT4EMS - Defense Tatics for EMS
Physio Control
BLS Systems Limited

EMTLife continues to be the largest and most active discussion forum for the EMS industry. We are quickly approaching 20,000 members and our forum has over 33,000 threads and 468,000 posts.

Now in our ninth year, we continue to be thankful for our members who have made EMTLife what it is today.

Physio Control

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Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for the opportunity to have Physio-Control be a part of the EMTLife Forum. We encountered a lot of great feedback on what we're doing right, and more importantly, where we can improve. And hopefully we contributed some product and/or clinical information along the way that forum members found useful. To keep up with Physio-Control, you can find us at the links below. Thanks again and keep up the great work.


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Even with the end of the formal program, I hope that these company representatives will stick around or at least occasionally check their PMs if we wanted to alert them to a particular thread. It is nice to have an avenue directly to them where they can participate in our discussions (especially you, Physio-Control people!).