The Ultimate Ambulance Drivers License Thread (CA)

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Hey everyone,

I see alot of threads asking questions on the Ambulance Drivers License around these parts, and I figured it would be a good idea to make a definitive post on this.

First of all, we are talking about a license that is required in the state of CA to drive an ambulance. This has nothing to do with the nickname Ambulance Drivers in the common sense. This is a very particular thing. Anywho...

What is it?
If you live in California, and wish to drive an Ambulance, you must have an Ambulance Drivers license. This license expires when your current license does, and requires both a valid DL51 (Medical Exam) and a Medical Examiners Certificate to be valid

How do I get it?
1. You must have a livescan performed that is separate from all other livescans, so yes, you do need to go pay for another one. The DMV will have the paperwork necessary for this. The livescan can take a few days for process. Ensure to tell the DMV that the livescan is incoming, and keep the receipt that has all the pertinent information on it.
2. You must have a valid DL51 (Downloadable from the DMV website) performed by a member of the NRCME, failure to ensure your physician, NP, PA is licensed will render the DL51 null and void. Ensure all areas are properly filled out or it will be null and void. Ensure there is an office stamp. There will be a white piece of paper at the end that is your Medical Examiners Certificate, it is valid for up to 2 years, and must be renewed every 2 years and sent to the DMV in order to re certify or for the ADC to be valid. Also, employers need a copy of this.
3. Prepare for the ADC test. This is a simple written test, you can get a copy of the handbook for it from the DMV for $5.00.
4. Go to DMV with livescan receipt, Complete DL51, Medical Examiners Certificate, current drivers license, and money. Take the test, then you get your Temp ADC (Pink paper) that is valid for 180 days.
5. Receive ADC in the mail, it is white. Keep up your Medical Examiners Certificate by ensuring that your DL51 is sent to the DMV 3 months prior to it expiring.
6. When time comes to recert, have current DL51 on file, have current Medical Examiners Certificate, pay money and retake test. Also, if you did not have your EMT at the time of initial certification, it is now required.

Hey, I have a medical condition!

1. Almost any box marked Yes on the DL51 will get your certification pulled for review, even if your medical examiner signs off on the DL51 as passed. The process is as follows.
2. You will receive a revocation notice from the DMV. You have 10 days to schedule a hearing for it, ensure that your hearing will be in person (Could be 2-3 months before next open slot).
3. Go to hearing will paperwork from your Primary Care Physician, Specialists, and any other relevant information. Ensure you have copies of all of this to give to your hearing officer. He will write a recommendation, which is not binding, to the Ambulance Review Board.
4. This will then be sent to the Ambulance Review Board. They meet once a month and is composed of a DMV official, CHP official, and a member of the EMSA. They will then render a verdict based off of the Hearing Officers recommendation. The options are to: Set Aside the action, Sustain the Action, Remand the Action to Hearing Officer, or to Modify.
5. You will then be notified by mail of the decision.
6. If the decision is to issue you your ADC, then you will get it in the mail sent from Commercial services.

All in all, this process takes approximately 6 months.

Oh no! There was a problem!
1. Didn't receive your ADC within 180 days? Call commercial services. Their line is almost always busy but keep on pluggin. 916 657 5771 OR 916 657 8849
2. I failed the test! You have 2 more opportunities.
3. I can't find a Medical Examiner! You must have your DL51 performed by one.
4. My DL51 expired! You are now out of service and it is illegal to drive and ambulance and your ADC is invalid until you have both a Medical Examiners Certificate in hand and the DMV has a current DL51 on file. This could take 3 months for processing.
5. I have ANY OTHER QUESTION: Call Sacramento Driver Safety HQ Special Certificates line at : 916 657 6418. This is the direct, and easiest line.

Hopefully this helps some people out and can stop some repeated threads. If you have any questions, ask at the number provided above, and then post your Q/A here so we can supplement this FAQ.
yes! Thank you for posting this thread
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