Sedation Deaths

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Maybe 2News Sunrise didn't know they'd been scooped, nor is it a bad thing that we don't depend on PBS for direction on this topic...stopped at 3...

Now comparing these with pre-hospital medical/trauma analgesia/sedation adverse effects and ER psych sedation adverse effects would give a little clarity that PBS and 2News Sunrise may lack or just not be interested in. 94 deaths nationally in 9 years is all they could associate with out of hospital sedation?

Tylenol kills 250 people per year in unintentional OD's. At the risk of straw manning the argument or reducing the deaths of individuals to an insignificant statistic, this is a non story that I hope some dumb politicians wouldn't run with and try to take away a valuable tool or continue to demonize the police.

oh...and an "investigation by the AP" is not a "study".


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I have seen ketamine fail, Ativan fail, Geodon fail in these patients. These patients are not always high on some medication, but for whatever reason they present in delirium. Sometimes with these patients, the best course of action is RSI. Excited delirium patients are at risk for death simply because they’re that highly agitated… In short, that news story is looking to sensationalize something that should be a non-story.