Rookie question on DNRs


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Whoa. hang on a minute here. I've been up for like 40 hours and I may not be reading this right; but are you saying that as a basic, if presented with a valid DNR, you would work the patient until ALS arrived? Did I read that right?
I personally wouldn't but I have seen some BLS units doing it


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Well your post certainly implies otherwise. Nonetheless, I apologize for casting aspersions on your practice.


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If the patient can communicate, ask them tactfully! Simple yes and no questions like: "sir, I see you have a do not resuscitate order here, would you like us and the hospital to continue to follow it?" can be helpful.
I would also add: don't be afraid of this conversation (but still be tactful!) as these patients or families have made the decision for end of life care, they know what it means. I usually ask ' Do you have any advanced directives?' If they look at me sideways, I follow up with 'If your heart stops do you want us to do CPR, breathe for you and give you medications, or cease efforts?' Don't be afraid to be a little blunt, especially if they don't want you taking the only copy of the DNR and you require it to honor it "sir, I understand this is your mother's only copy, but if we don't have it in hand, and god forbid her heart stops on the way, I can not honor her wishes"

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