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Purpose of Ambulance plug in charger

Discussion in 'Ambulances and Equipment' started by dbatk, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. dieselman

    dieselman Forum Ride Along

    -0w-30 must be used during cold winter starts and preferably synthetic
    -Ford's starter is most likely under-rated if your starter blows, but an aftermarket starter that is more powerful.
    -Some people say that you should use 15w-40 at all times on a diesel but not true. Check the viscosity for the diesels mine says I can go as low as 0w-30.
    -The glow plugs burn very often on these vehicles and should be replaced
    -There is also a fuel heater relay that always goes faulty. I suggest bypass the relay and put a push button type on the wiring harness and control the glow plugs manually

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