Paramedic education use for Advanced EMT Certification?


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Hello All! My name is Sam and I am currently in paramedic school in Indiana, United States. I have been in my program for nine months now. We are supposed to finish and graduate the program mid August. However, due to the coronavirus my program's end time might be extended or push back by a few months. This affects me financially however if it gets pushed back. I can come back and finish the program in October without paying more and graduate in December. I was wondering if it is possible to take my classroom hours and clinical experience I have had during my paramedic program and test to get an advanced EMT certification through the NREMT?


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To my knowledge, there will be no clean way to do so. If you spend hours on the phone, weeks combing through the curriculum to verify and prove that you met or exceeded the AEMT curriculum, then get the proper people at the registry to agree with you, then wait for them to engineer an exception for you, and then the time you need to walk you way through it(things like finding an open testing center, and then a psycho motor); I would bet you’ll be within sniffing distance of october. And that assumes that what you want it even possible, which I don’t think is the case.

I get that you’re frustrated, and even more so because you aren’t the least bit responsible for the circumstances you’re in; but I personally think you’d be better off taking your temporary increase in free time and getting a(nother) job to make up your financial shortfall for the few months you’ll need too. It may not be glamorous, but they’ll pay you to pump gas, stock shelves, run a register, etc. Before trying to reengineer the wheel, I’d probably go that route first. Delays like this suck, but they don’t suck as much as spending weeks or months pumping a dry well.

All that being said, there are evidently states giving full scope provisionals who have at least registered for the free paramedic class information night, so maybe you’re not all that far off base....