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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this form, and wanted to get some adivice from everyone. I live in Texas and am thinking of trying to start up a new company that will provide medical treatment at various events around the area (sporting, festivals, concerts, ect.) I expect it to be on a standby basis, only BLS and no transport. I do not know of any company that does this explicitly in the area. My question is what aspects of licensing, insurance, and general practice do I need to research as I begin to explore this opportunity? I don't think I need to apply for an FRO licenses at the beginning, if were only going to be BLS with no emergency vehicle on-site. Am I correct? Do I need a medical director even if we are there to mainly provide band aids, and preparing patient for local EMS to transport. If you think I am missing something please ask and I will let you know. Thanks for any input in advance.


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New Jersey

I am not completely sure how it works in Texas but I can give you an insight on how things work in New Jersey. Here, an EMT can function as an EMT regardless of where they go. In such events, they can function as an EMT. Paramedics are not the same situation. Paramedics can only function as an EMT outside of their medical command and hospital based system.

As for licensing, there are no licensing requirements in NJ for starting a company that is not providing transport and billing. When talking about insurance and medical directors, might not be required but certainly a good idea. A buddy and I actually are doing exactly what you are doing but we have insurance and we also have a medical director that participates in QA/Standards for these events. Its also good to document anything worth documenting.

Hope I helped.


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Contact your state department of health.


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When you are ready, I would like to offer my billing assistance. I'm not sure whether you've considered to outsource your billing or not, but here are a few things that we could offer you:

*EMS Charts is a covered expense by our company
*We bill you for a percentage of what we collect
*We complete all of your enrollment & re-credentialing forms
*You have 24/7 access to your account through our billing software

Please feel free to reach out to me if and when you are ready for more information.

Good Luck in your new business adventure!!