Minneapolis Area CE?


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I searched the forums to see if this already came up, and I didn't see anything, so I apologize in advance if it's already been covered (or if there's a better place to put this!)

I was a volunteer EMT in CT, and moved out to the northern end of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Where I used to live, there were monthly CEs at the local hospital, but after trying to contact everyone in the EMS directory on the Hennepin County Medical Center (the main Minneapolis hospital) website for guidance or suggestions, I haven't gotten any response.

Is there anyone from the area who knows of local CE opportunities, or has any recommendations of places to contact? I'm not actively involved in any EMS agency, I'm just trying to maintain my inactive NREMT cert for the future -- and obviously I'm trying to do it on the cheap if at all possible!



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Hello, I actually just went through this. Healtheast has a free 2 hour class every month so you can easily get your 24 extra hours. Inver Hills is awesome and fairly cheap for the formal refresher and ACLS/BCLS. If anyone has other questions let me know, I did a lot of research for this.