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Michigan License number change

Discussion in 'EMS-Related News' started by Achilles, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Achilles

    Achilles Forum Deputy Chief

    I was just informed that my License number has changed of MDHHS website, it was originally a 320 number, now it’s 18. I assume the reasoning on the is because MDHHS isn’t using LARA anymore, but don’t know. I asked a buddy in another county and he said his changed to, so maybe everyone’s changed??
  2. CityEMT212

    CityEMT212 Forum Crew Member Premium Member

    Hi Achilles,

    Mine has stayed the same. I even let it expire (a few years ago), but am able to still use it in my current class. The state (of NY) has told me once I'm issued a number it is "an eternal number" for the recipient.

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