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Medical Bags

Discussion in 'General Advertising' started by Josh Reid, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Josh Reid

    Josh Reid Forum Ride Along

    Hi Guys, we are a bag manufacturer for the emergency services based in the UK, we are looking to work with some European customers. Do you have a preferred brand/style of medical bags? and do you tend to carry your o2 cylinder and AED separate? Do you normally store your kit in individual pouches, or prefer a bag with fold out boards containing loops and pockets for specific equipment?
    Josh from openhouse Products
  2. IA Undercover

    IA Undercover Forum Ride Along

    Can't go into too many details about the specific project or specs, but I got to do something similar with a major bag manufacturer in the US. Comparing our needs and several bags on the market, a few of the key points we all seemed to agree on were:

    - Semi-rigid construction (this was a big deal! Saggy bags are hard to organize and just suck in general)
    - See through mesh dividers
    - Elastic loops for securing airway supplies, meds and misc supplies
    - Everything double stitched
    - Strong material like 1000D Cordura Nylon

    Different bags are used for different applications, but in situations where O2 needs to be carried, it is in the same bag. The AED is carried separately in it's own case.
  3. AtlasFlyer

    AtlasFlyer Forum Captain

    Our agency recently switched from big duffle bag style bags with a separate hard-side "suitcase" to a two backpack setup. One backpack is a BLS first-in bag that is carried in on every run, the second is a ALS bag that is carried in when it's a substantial walk in to the scene or when we know we're going to need a good set of ALS gear. I have to say that I absolutely love the new backpacks.

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