Lets try some scenarios..shall we


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Over my years in the field this and 2 other calls really stand out where DR.s were out of thier element and botched it , putting the pt. in danger and me and my partner in extreme CYA mode . One was a child abuse / attempted murder on a 2 week old infant , and the other was an orthopedic surgeon playing HS football team DR that blew every trauma protocol we have on a head injury pt.

On the other hand , on my very first CCT our 27 y/o male with CP coded as our RN arrived . I never saw a DR. work so hard to save a pt. I was impressed . This was the kind of DR. I'd want fighting for me or my family . We had a sucessful resuscitation , and the doc never left his pt's side . He assumed care and treated the pt. all the way in , working very well with our crew the whole time .

In our last CERT class , we had a public health RN who had formerly worked as a surgical nurse , but never did any ER time . She was a humble and eager learner and I think she'll work well in a disaster , now that she knows how we operate .

I believe DRs and RNs should be educated on what to expect when working with field personnel and what our protocals are .