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Anyone here have any experience with Kratom? Had a young guy as a DOA the other day, while there were definitely comorbidity factors, we found a large bag (as well as spoon with large amounts of residue on it) with kratom next to the patient where we found him. Coroner said that they recently also had another body found with Kratom near them. When I talked to the coroner again today as a follow up, they were still waiting on tox screens to see if it had anything else mixed/if he died of other causes.
Both my partner that night, I, and the local PD's had no idea what this stuff was, curious if anyone else has any experience with it.

Benjamin Henry

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Kratom is a powdered leaf product that is legal in many states, that is a opiate receptor agonist, and if taken in high enough amounts can cause respiratory depression, and I’ve read is responsive to narcan. It is ingested orally, not injected or smoked, the spoon would be for spooning into mouth or a drink. Old post I know, hope this helps. Used to live in a place with a kratom issue