Income Sluggish?! Not getting the return you think you should?!


Certified Ambulance Coder
We are a billing company out of West Virginia. We mainly service the state of West Virginia and Virginia, but have had dealings with other states and know how their state medicaid's and various medicare programs work. We have certified coders on our staff and a staff of employees eager to help you get your accounts in order.

If you're not getting the amount of money that you think your company should be receiving, then you should look into the process in which your bills are being handled.

Want us to take a look at your accounts? See if we can help you determine what the issue is? Looking to switch billing companies? Want some documentation training? Want your runs audited internally?

We can do any of those things for you! If you give me a call or shoot me an email I will be more than glad to discuss any of those details with you or provide you with more information on our company. My email is and my cell number is 304-439-1214.